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ESL Exercises: Olympic Games Collocations

Olympic Games: Collocations
  • host city
  • Olympic motto
  • torchbearer
  • torch relay
  • five interlacing rings
  • opening ceremony
  • doping control
  • on the podium
  • Olympic venues
  • closing ceremony

1. The is “faster, higher, stronger”.

2. represent the five continents and are a symbol of Olympic Games.

3. Beijing is the for the 2008 summer Olympic Games.

4. The Olympic flame is lit in Olympia, Greece, and is then transported to its final site by . In this event athletes take turns to carry the flame along a specially selected route.

5. The Olympic flame is extinguished and the Olympic flag is lowered at the .

6. There is a parade of athletes marching into the stadium country by country at the . The cauldron with the Olympic flame is lit at the beginning of this event.

7. It is a big honor to be chosen as an Olympic .

8. Stadiums, aquatic centers, velodromes, tennis courts and gymnasiums are examples of .

9. The Olympic gold medalist was smiling broadly as she was standing .

10. Athletes who compete at the Olympic Games may be selected for a or drug testing.

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