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ESL Exercises: Police Collocations

Police Collocations
  • search warrant
  • crime scene
  • riot police
  • roadblock
  • spike belt
  • undercover police
  • forensic investigation
  • homicide detective
  • without resistance
  • composite sketch

1. The police released a of the abductor. This drawing will help police officers identify the suspect.

2. Detectives carried out a of the house looking for the clues of the girl’s mysterious disappearance.

3. The officers didn’t have a to be on the premises and couldn’t go inside the lab.

4. used tear gas, batons and water cannons to disperse demonstrators.

5. The area around the was surrounded by yellow tape and closed to traffic.

6. The policemen laid down a on the road to blow the tires of the speeding car.

7. officers were in pubs and clubs to catch staff who served alcohol to minors.

8. Thousands of motorists passed through a set up by police to catch drunken drivers.

9. When police knocked on the door, the criminal surrendered .

10. is an officer who investigates murder cases.

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