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ESL Exercises: School Collocations (3)

School Collocations 3
  • social studies
  • cheat list
  • parent council
  • school supplies
  • school assembly
  • roll call
  • P.A. (public address) system
  • take notes
  • yearbook
  • life sciences

1. I find it hard to in English. Our professor talks too fast and there is not enough time to write down everything he says.

2. Christie plans to study at university. She says chemistry and biology are fascinating!

3. Glenn is a teacher. He’s been teaching history and geography for 2 decades.

4. It’s very embarrassing to get caught using a during a test.

5. When the teacher did the in the morning, five people were absent.

6. All students and teachers gathered in the auditorium for a . We all fell silent when the principal took the microphone into her hands and prepared to listen.

7. Some parents spend a fortune on such as pencils, notebooks, glue sticks, markers and rulers at the beginning of the school year.

8. A is a record of the school days memories and experiences. It may include photographs, funny stories or contact details of the classmates to help keep in touch after graduation.

9. is a group of parents who represent the views and opinions of all parents at school.

10. Our school day starts by singing a national anthem played over the located in the main office.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010 AT 4:01 AM
Robert Balambula said:
Helpful new words about school

Monday, August 29, 2011 AT 1:30 PM
Ryohei said:
think it is useful for us, students.

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