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Gardening: Collocations
  • pull weeds
  • mow the lawn
  • mulch the garden
  • annual plants
  • perennial plants
  • sow seeds
  • germinate seeds
  • flowerbeds
  • prune plants

1. grow for only one season.

2. are plants that grow back every year.

3. We can of some plants directly in the ground or start them indoors in plant containers.

4. To help before sowing, we can put them in water overnight.

5. Putting leaves, straw, wood chips, or pine needles around the base of plants is a good way to . These materials keep the soil moist in summer as well as reduce weeds.

6. It’s definitely time to ! The grass has grown so tall since we left on vacation.

7. It’s easier to after a gentle rain as the soil becomes softer.

8. There is always something blooming in my .

9. Gardeners in order to shape them and encourage their strong new growth.

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