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ESL Exercises: Sleep Phrasal Verbs

Sleep Phrasal Verbs
  • sleep over
  • drift off
  • wind down
  • sleep in
  • sleep through
  • get up
  • catch up
  • crash out
  • wake up
  • sleep off

1. I was visiting my friend’s house when the snowstorm started. It was too dangerous to drive back home that night. My friend offered me to at her house that night.

2. I’m a light sleeper. I can at the slightest noise, not to mention someone’s snoring, car honking or dog barking!

3. Richard doesn’t get enough sleep during the school week and needs to on sleep on the weekend.

4. My grandmother was always the first one to in the house. She’d quietly go to the kitchen and start making breakfast while everyone else was still asleep.

5. Listening to my professor’s monotonous voice made me .

6. Some people can fire alarm in the building and never hear it.

7. Gloria let her kids to stay up late today. Tomorrow is Saturday and they can .

8. Pablo needs to go to bed and his splitting headache.

9. A bedtime story is a good way to kids after an action-filled day and helps them to fall asleep faster.

10. I was very tired and had a bad headache, but I wanted to make sure I take a pill before I .

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