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ESL Exercises: Canada Day Collocations

Canada Day: Collocations
  • national anthem
  • community barbecue
  • military parade
  • flag-raising ceremony
  • red-and-white
  • swearing-in
  • fireworks display
  • statutory holiday
  • Changing of Guard

1. The concert was followed with a spectacular in the night sky.

2. The ceremony for new Canadian citizens was held at the City Hall.

3. Canada Day celebration always begins with a traditional on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

4. We are all headed to the held in the near-by park. The hot dogs and hamburgers are free today!

5. The first line of the Canadian is: “O Canada! Our home and native land…”.

6. The party-goers were dressed in - the colors of their country’s flag.

7. Canada Day is a . Government offices, banks, liquor stores and post offices are closed on that day.

8. The festivities began with the Canadian Forces through the streets of the city.

9. The old guard and new guard salute each other when they perform the ceremony on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

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