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ESL Exercises: Elections Collocations (2)

Elections: Collocations (2)
  • party platform
  • voter information card
  • election campaign
  • voting screen
  • advance polls
  • opposition party
  • swing voters
  • ballot box
  • majority government
  • returning officer

1. criticizes government actions and provides alternative policies to the public.

2. is party’s principles and positions on a variety of issues.

3. Electors can vote at if they can’t attend a polling station on the election day.

4. As voting is secret, electors go behind the to cast their ballot.

5. is formed by a party that won most of the seats in the Parliament.

6. are undecided as to which political party they will support.

7. After everyone has voted, the is emptied in front of witnesses and vote count begins.

8. During its the party promised to subsidize child-care programs across the country. This promise will make more parents vote for this party.

9. is an official who supervises elections in his or her electoral district.

10. Everyone registered on the voters list will receive a by mail. Electors should bring this document to the polling station on the elections day.

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