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ESL Exercises: Fire Safety Collocations

Fire Safety: Collocations
  • fire alarm
  • combustible materials
  • fire extinguisher
  • fire hazard
  • smoke inhalation
  • fire drill
  • fire hydrant
  • smoke alarm
  • short circuit
  • flammable liquids

1. Gasoline, acetone, paints, nail polish, and solvents are highly .

2. When a sounds, everyone must leave the building immediately.

3. When asleep, it’s difficult to smell the smoke from a fire. It’s a good idea to have a installed.

4. should be handy in case of an emergency. It’s a good idea to have one on each floor of the building.

5. The purpose of a is to ensure that everyone knows how to evacuate a building quickly and safely in case of fire.

6. The couple suffered severe when their house caught fire this morning.

7. A lit candle near an open window can be a .

8. Wood, paper, fabric, charcoal, rubber and plastic are examples of .

9. The fire was caused by a in its electrical wiring.

10. gives firefighters access to the water needed to put out a fire.

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