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Earth Day: Collocations
  • global warming
  • hybrid car
  • disposable dishes
  • natural resources
  • fluorescent light bulbs
  • rechargeable batteries
  • recyclable materials
  • fossil fuels

1. runs on a combination of gas and electricity.

2. Water, oil, wood, natural gas are examples of .

3. , such as oil, gas and coal, are burned to generate electricity. They are known to produce various air pollutants when burned.

4. should be used in cameras, toys and flashlights instead of one-time-use batteries.

5. We can use ceramic plates and metal cutlery instead of .

6. last longer than the regular ones.

7. The increase in global temperatures over the last century is a result of .

8. , such as plastic, glass and paper, should be collected in a separate bin from the other garbage.

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