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ESL Exercises: Eating and Cooking Eggs Collocations

Eggs, Eating and Cooking: Collocations
  • soft-boiled
  • hard-boiled
  • egg whites
  • crack an egg
  • beat an egg
  • over easy eggs
  • sunny-side up eggs
  • scrambled eggs
  • runny yolk
  • solid yolk

1. are very high in protein.

2. I never use a knife to . I do it on the edge of a bowl.

3. Caroline used a whisk to into a creamy mixture. She probably wants to make an omelette.

4. Serving eggs with a is now prohibited in this hotel due to salmonella fears.

5. An overcooked egg will result in a .

6. A egg is boiled for about 3 minutes.

7. A egg is boiled for about 5-6 minutes.

8. To make , fry the eggs on one side only. Don’t flip them over. The yellow part should stay up.

9. To make , fry the eggs on one side. Flip them over to the other side and fry for a few more seconds.

10. To make , beat the yolks and whites together. Pour in a frying pan and slowly stir while frying until not liquid anymore.

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