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ESL Exercises: Sleep Idioms

Sleep Idioms
  • shuteye
  • sleep like a log
  • toss and turn
  • hit the hay
  • cat nap
  • not sleep a wink
  • wide-awake
  • crack of dawn
  • beauty sleep
  • recharge my batteries

1. I got very little sleep during the last week of school. I look forward to the Christmas break so I can .

2. Grace is getting married tomorrow. She knows she is going to have a difficulty to get the night before her wedding.

3. Karin’s newborn baby woke up at midnight and has been crying ever since. Karin did that night.

4. Sometimes I take a 15 minute during the day just to feel more energized and refreshed.

5. I usually between midnight and 1 a.m. I should try and go to bed earlier.

6. We spend two weeks on our aunt’s farm every summer. It’s so peaceful and quite that I always there.

7. Many people say they at night, losing their sleep over stress.

8. To stay healthy and attractive adults should go to the bed early and get about 8 hours of sleep every night. This is sometimes called a .

9. I woke up around midnight and was until early morning hours. I guess I was too excited about my trip next week!

10. I loved staying at my cousin’s farm house. But there was one thing I disliked: the rooster crowed cock-a-doodle-doo at the and woke me up every morning!

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