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ESL Execise: Wedding Idioms

Wedding: Idioms
  • shotgun wedding
  • without a hitch
  • cold feet
  • teary-eyed
  • one-of-a-kind
  • seal her fate
  • tie the knot
  • low-key
  • nerve-wracking
  • push the boat out

1. May and June are the most popular months to for many couples.

2. There are rumors that Ashley is pregnant and is planning a .

3. The couple wanted to for their wedding and have a day they’ll never forget. They booked a lavish wedding venue for 500 guests and hired two photographers, a videographer, a florist, musicians, entertainers, and toastmasters.

4. They had a wedding. It was attended by a small gathering of family and friends.

5. Susan said the period before the wedding was the most stressful and in her life. With so many preparations and expenses, she found it hard to relax.

6. The groom father’s speech left everyone . It was very emotional to hear about the amazing accomplishments of the groom.

7. Two days before the wedding Gary, the groom, became worried that he might be making a huge mistake getting married to Susan. He got and decided to call the wedding off.

8. The wedding was perfectly planned and went off - there were no unpleasant surprises.

9. The bride was standing in front of the mirror and thinking about her wedding. This big day will forever.

10. Jackie wedding ring was truly . It was a sapphire gold and sterling silver ring with the words “Jack loves Jackie” on the underside.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011 AT 6:02 PM
Zheng Zhao said:
A lot of things about wedding~

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