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ESL Exercises: Love Collocations

Love: Collocations
  • fall in love
  • lovebirds
  • unconditional love
  • unrequited love
  • love at first sight
  • happily ever after
  • one and only
  • Mr. Right
  • love triangle
  • made for each other

1. My parents have been happily married for 35 years. It was when they first met at their mutual friend’s party.

2. It’s painful when the person you’re in love with doesn’t love you back. is cruel!

3. As a teenager, Griffin was rebellious and uncontrollable, but his parents’ and support helped him to become the caring, mature and confident person he’s today.

4. He’s dated many girls, but was unable to find his true love whom he wanted to spend his life with.

5. Many teenage girls with celebrities.

6. Jill and Paul have a lot in common and get along with each other well. They are just .

7. After the prince and princess get married, they live . This is how most of the fairy tales end.

8. Joanna has finally met the man of her dreams. She is sure he’s !

9. They looked like two constantly holding hands and whispering affectionate words into each other’s ears.

10. Monica is in a . She’s dating Steve who is also dating her best girlfriend.

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